Wood AluClad windows are growing ever more popular in Ireland and in the UK  and can withstand the most violent winter weather, yet help keep your home cool in the summer months.  Gorgeous. Versatile. Robust.

Alu Clad windows are perfect for windows and doors for many reasons:

  • Strength
  • Weather resistant
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy to maintain
  • Many colours and colour combinations
  • Elegant solid wood interiors

These style of windows are increasing in popularity due to their flexibility; your interior frame has the benefit of wood, adding beauty and a natural finish to your home yet the exterior is aluminium. This exterior shield provides surfaces of the windows which are extremely weatherproof, highly resistant to all kinds of weather conditions and thereby guaranteeing durability and a long life.

Our AluClad windows provide exceptional performance delivering u-values as low as 0.7 and when combined with Passive House certified installation team they will provide warmth and efficiency to your home.  All our installations include air tightness sealing with impregnated expansion tape.